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Shen Dove Style: August 2013

Friday, August 30, 2013

Links of the Week: August 30th

So the unofficial end of summer is nearly here and I'm not quite ready to see the summer end. But two words have me excited about the cooler weather: FALL FASHION. 
Here is some reading material to keep you occupied this weekend.

I promise this will brighten your day: Take a few minutes to appreciate Michael B. Jordan. You're welcome.

What's the next best thing to being able to whip up clothing items yourself?  Having a mother who is willing to sew things for you.

Speaking of sewing, when I get some extra time sometime soon, I hope to take beginner sewing classes here.  I love clothes so much, it's only a matter of time (and effort) before I can learn to sew myself.

How to exfoliate for skin renewal.

How to concentrate on one thing at a time.

I really like this blog editorial calendar book DIY.  This calendar book looks both pretty and functional.

My first Saturn return is fast approaching, but this may be relevant for my younger readers: 20 best cities for 20-somethings.  My former city (DC) is at the top of this list.  Though I truly love Philly, I have to say that if you are an early 20-something thinking about moving to DC, I say, do it!  It's a great city in which to launch your career.

Bring your lunch to work.

A dress to wear now with sandals and later with a jacket, tights and boots.

I'm looking forward to seeing this documentary.

Have a fantastic weekend!



Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Now and Later

Shirt: Charlotte Russe--old (similar) // Skirt: thrifted  (similar) // Shoes: Buffalo Exchange 
// Clutch: purchased in Bahamas (similar) // Earrings: swapped

Summer will soon come to an end (so not ready...) unless I find some type of unbelievable deal, I'll only be purchasing items I can wear now while it's still warm and later with layers when fall arrives like this skirt. I look forward to remixing it with tights, ankle boots, a leather jacket and a scarf next time.  The idea of wearing fall clothing makes the thought of summer ending a little better.

What items do you plan to wear now while it's warm and later when it's cool?

denim and animal prints

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Monday, August 26, 2013

Pack Light

Purple  Dress and Black Bag 3
Dress: AA via Buffalo Exchange // Wedges: Nine West via Marshalls // Vintage Coach bag via Buffalo Exchange (similar)

I've come to the conclusion that I carry around way too much stuff in my bag on weekdays but I can't help myself.  I want to be prepared for any occasion (tired feet in need of flats, make-up retouch, desire to write down my thoughts, rain...you get the idea).   So on weekends, I now stick to cross body bags like this vintage Coach one I bought recently or clutches. See past what's in by bag posts here and here.   Now I have to just translate this less is better mentality to my weekday bag...

Happy Monday!

Purple Dress Black Bag 2

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Friday, August 23, 2013

Links of the Week: August 23rd

Screen Shot 2013-08-23 at 11.45.47 PM
Who else is excited that the weekend is here?  I'm going to try to squeeze in a few summer activities that I haven't gotten around to yet and may try a new recipe.  Here is some reading material to keep you occupied this weekend.

How I paid off my student loans: 3 but true crazy stories. Don't think I'd go to these extremes but I'm always inspired by interesting debt pay-off stories.

Northeast Coast folks: Looking for something to do this weekend?  Take a trip to Brooklyn for Afro Punk Fest. I've never been but heard it was fun (and free with an RSVP!).

I've been on the hunt for a blush that works for my skin tone.  I picked up this one recently and like it so far. 

The bookworm in me loves this tumblr.

Have you tuned in to Al Jazeera America yet?  Read this to learn about one view of the coverage so far.

It's pretty apparent that I love wearing maxis...so I definitely want to participate in this bloggers link up. If you are a shortie like me, ASOS has cute maxis skirts in petite sizes like this one and this one.

Have a lovely weekend!



Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Updated Maxi

Maxi: Mod Cloth--dyed (similar) // Jacket: Zara Kids // Clutch: H&M (similar)

What do you do when one of your favorite maxi dresses (previously worn in this post, this one and this one) starts to look faded from washing?  Well, if you're me, you buy a box of RIT Dye and dye it. I really liked the original print of this maxi dress and wasn't ready to part with it, so dying it black was a practical solution.

How do you extend the wear of your well worn (and loved) items?

Denim and Maxi IMG_4739
Maxi Previously Worn

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Friday, August 16, 2013

Links of the Week: August 16th

Happy Friday!  Here is some reading material to keep you occupied this weekend.

This salad looks delicious and not too complicated, I'm going to try it this weekend.

I need some pots for my succulents, so I'm happy I came across this tutorial.

Though I love denim in all forms, this is a great list of denim jacket alternatives.

I don't usually buy paper towels and always have hand towels on hand, so I like this towel rack DIY idea.

I meant to include this article in last week's roundup: Fashion's Blind Spot.

Best tools for entrepreneurs (found via Nubby Twiglet).

Though I can see the other side of this topic, I still like this post.

These classic, versatile sneakers would be perfect to wear with maxi dresses, skirts, and shorts during the final stretch of summer.

Natural hair (or really however you wear your hair) is not a competition.

Have a lovely weekend!



Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Designer Profile: Aso Damisi

 Aso Damisi 2 with logo
 Aso Damisi, SS2013 Collection
Though Philly is my hometown, I'm still sometimes amazed by the creativity of some of the city's residents. Earlier this month at a fashion event at the US*U.S. Design Co-op and Boutique, I saw the creations of the talented designers-in-residence at the Co-Op including the design duo, Aso Damisi.  The bold prints and stylish silhouettes of Moriamo and Latifat's pieces drew my eye immediately.  I requested an interview to learn more about the two sisters behind the brand.  Moriamo and Latifat kindly agreed to the interview, so I can share more about them with you.  Now on to the questions!

Shen Dove: Tell me about the inspiration and meaning behind the name of your clothing line?

Aso Damisi: The name of our line originated from a Yoruba speaking tribe in Nigeria, where we were born. “Aso” means cloth or clothing and “Damisi” means Prosperity.

Shen Dove: I’m so amazed that you are self-taught designers! Why did you decide to start your company?

Aso Damisi: We grew up designing for ourselves and after years of receiving compliments on our creations, we decided to launch Aso Damisi.

Shen Dove: How has your Nigerian lineage, the places you’ve lived and the places you’ve traveled impacted your designs/style? 

Aso Damisi: Our line is a modern take on African fashion. We use prints from our origin on different textiles and use that to create modern and classic silhouettes.

Shen Dove: How did you come to be one of the design brands housed in the US*U.S Co-op? Can you tell us a little about your experience as a member of this Co-Op?

Aso Damisi: We were invited to become members of the Co-op by our fellow Philadelphia Fashion Incubator colleague, Autumn Kietponglert. Once she explained the concept of the Co-op, we couldn’t say no. Our experience at US*U.S has been great. It is wonderful to work with a group of talented designers, who you can bounce ideas off of.

Aso Damisi 1

Shen Dove: Typical work days don't exist for most creative entrepreneurs, but what are most work days like for you? 

Aso Damisi: There is no typical work day for Aso Damisi. We constantly have to be ready to change plans. Sometimes we have quiet days where we are just doing paperwork and then we have days where we are driving around for meetings, fabrics, etc.

Shen Dove: Name one artist, celebrity or personal hero you would love to see wear your clothing and your reason for your choice.

Aso Damisi: We would love to see our clothing on someone like Beyoncé because she embodies who the Aso Damisi woman is and what she's all about. The Aso Damisi woman is powerful, confident, resilient, independent and has a style of her own.

Shen Dove: Can you highlight a major point of the creative process of bringing a collection or specific clothing item to life? 

Aso Damisi: Our process starts with the creation of our print, which is the most important part of the process for our brand. Our prints are the inspiration and spring board for each collection.

Shen Dove: As fashion designers and entrepreneurs, I’m sure you’re dreaming up your next big moves. Do you have any cool events, opportunities, or projects on the horizon that you’d like to tell us about?  

Aso Damisi: We will be featured in Philadelphia Magazine's September issue for The Fashion Project Competition. We hope your readers will support us by voting. We post all of our events, activities, and projects on Facebook and Twitter (AsoDamisi). Be sure to follow/like us.

Aso Damisi 3

Shen Dove: Thanks for the interview ladies! Please check out the fabulous clothing from Aso Damisi on their website.  If you're in Philly, go see (and purchase) their clothing in person at the US*U.S Design Co-op and Boutique

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Monday, August 12, 2013

Fresh Look

IMG_4724 Jumpsuit: gifted--tie-dyed with RIT Dye (similar, similar) // 
Wedges: Marshalls // Clutch: The Career Wardrobe (similar)

Happy Monday! I decided to give a fresh look to this hand-me-down jumpsuit previously worn here with some RIT Dye (this is the color I used).  Though I have used RIT Dye before, I've never actually tie-dyed a clothing item before.  But I figured, if I'm going to experiment, I might as well do so on something I didn't actually pay for in the first place.  Using dye is one of my favorite ways to modify the look of clothing because it's so inexpensive and relatively easy.

Have you given any items in your wardrobe a fresh look lately?

Dyed IMG_4725
Here's to a positive and productive week!

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Friday, August 9, 2013

Links of the Week: August 9th

Happy Friday!  Here is some reading material to keep you occupied this weekend.

These photos make me want to pack a bag and visit Brazil.

Is your passive voice holding you back at work?

Looking for places to find pressed juice when you travel?  Check this out.
An article about one of favorite chefs/food celebrities.  Check out his memoir if you're looking for a good read.

How to look hot for fall without burning a hole in your wallet.

Speaking of fall, my current cognac colored bag is looking worn, maybe I'll get this one as an update.

Have a lovely weekend!



Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Teal + Blush

 Top: Marshalls (similar) // Skirt: F21 (overdyed with RIT Dye) // Earrings: H&M (old)
Clutch: purchased in the Bahamas (similar) // Shoes: Buffalo Exchange

With a last name like Dove, of course I was drawn to a top with birds on it...

teal and blush
teal and blush 2

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July Favorites

July Favorites
Before we get too far into August, here are some of my favorites from the month of July.

Snack: I made peanut butter cups inspired by this recipe (twice). So good...
Outfit: My favorite outfit of the month was Loud Florals.
Book: I won this book at Femme & Fortune's launch party.  It was such an appropriate book for me given my love of vintage and thrift shopping.  I'm definitely going to use it for future reference.
Beauty: Juicy Couture Viva la Juicy Perfume was a favorite this month.  I guess I should start looking for fragrances that will work for fall...
App: I'm working on getting better at capturing photos with my iPhone since I usually have that on me rather than a camera.  The VSCO Cam App definitely helps with photo editing.
Music: Quadron's Avalanche album has been on repeat this month. I'm looking for new music to listen to during the month of August, so music recommendations are appreciated.

What were your favorites from last month?


Monday, August 5, 2013

Maxi Brights

Top: Marshalls; Skirt: Old Navy (similar); Clutch: Gigee Marie; Necklace: Shoxie

This skirt previously worn roughly a year ago does what most petite ladies strive for their clothing to do: give the illusion of more height!  Or maybe I'm just imagining I look taller in this skirt...but I'll take it.  A small (imagined?) illusion of height paired with my continuing love of neon green make this outfit a well loved combination.  I've only worn this skirt twice this season, but that's not such a big deal since I wear maxi skirts year-round.  I need to keep in mind how season-less clothing items make life easier and more economical when I start to shop for fall.

Neon and Prints
This weekend flew by as they tend to do during the summer.  But I'm ready for Monday.
Let's make it a positive and productive week!

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Friday, August 2, 2013

Links of the Week: August 2nd

Who else is ready for the weekend???
Here is some reading material to keep you occupied this weekend.

New York hands out a prescription for free fruits and vegetables. Hope this catches on.

Philly folks: Looking for something fun to do this weekend? Check out the Black Star Film Festival and 5 things to do in Philly before the summer ends.

How to travel with a group of friends successfully!

It's time to start thinking about fall wardrobe additions.  Maybe I'll start with this skirt and these booties.

Some tips to shop for furniture on Craig's List.  I've been wary of shopping on Craig's List, but I'll bookmark this for future reference.

A NYC thrift store guide that I will definitely bookmark for my next visit.

Love this topknot tutorial.


Navy, Green, + Yellow

Top: swapped (similar); skirt (similar): thrifted; Heels: Target (old); 
Necklace: Eastern Market (DC) vendor (similar)

I don't wear this skirt often, but I can't usually decide what top to pair it with.  This time around I went "matchy" and wore it with a navy top and heels.  I also belted up the skirt to make it midi length rather than it's normal ankle length which is hard to pull off at my height but I can't bare to alter this vintage skirt.

Happy Friday!  Hope you have an amazing weekend.

Green + Navy

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