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Shen Dove Style: June 2011

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Half-way Point

15 of 30
Top: Nordstrom (junior's); Skirt: Target; Belt: Nordstrom (junior's); Shoes: Calvin Klein via Marshalls
Necklace: gifted: Earrings: purchased Mexico

I've always been a fan of lace.  It's only appropriate that I've gotten so much 
wear out of this lace skirt this year.

So I've reached the half-way point of the 30 for 30.  I don't know why wearing my own clothing and not shopping feels like an accomplishment but it does.  I appreciate this seasonal "reset" as a way of keeping my spending in check. 


Thanks for sticking with me so far!

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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Red Tones

14 of 30
Top: Marshalls (I think); Skirt F21; Shoes: Nine West; Jewelry: H&M

My love of color is well documented on this blog, so it shouldn't be a surprise that this shirt is a summer favorite.  Although I have been wearing my 30 items and haven't "cheated" I have had a few days where an outfit was changed more than once in a day, and didn't get photographed, so it feels kind of good that I am almost half way through the challenge and haven't photographed outfits with all 30 of my items.


On another note, I haven't felt compelled to shop for clothing yet while participating in the 30 for 30, but I've definitely added some accessory/jewelry inspiration to my computer and one of my Pinterest boards. I'm currently wishing for a new stack of bracelets, a new clutch and a gold watch.


If you're also on a personal shopping hiatus, what do you wish you could shop for?

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Monday, June 27, 2011


13 of 30
Top: c/o Land's End via Lucky Mag; Shorts: UO; Dillards, Clutch: purchased in Bahamas; 
Earrings: ?; Necklace: Jess LC; Bracelets: H&M

I don't think I'll ever prefer shorts over skirts, but I do love this black pair.  I guess it kind of looks like I'm wearing a skirt in these photos, but they are indeed shorts.  Wearing these shorts reminds me of how season-less a lot of my clothing has become.  I've worn these shorts with tights and boots in winter (during the winter 30 for 30 actually) and am now wearing them with wedge sandals over the summer.


What's a clothing item that you enjoy wearing year-round?

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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Seeing Red

12 of 30
Top: c/o Land's End Canvas via Lucky; Skirt: UO; Shoes: Nine West; Jewelry: H&M

 I decided to add this red skirt as my final 30 for 30 item because it served me so well when I did the 30 for 30 last summer.  After all, if it's not broke, why try to fix it?  I wanted to make sure my last item was something I could easily wear to work or any other occasion and this skirt fit that criteria.  To give credit where credit is due, my outfit was inspired by this lady's outfit.

I have exactly one shot of this outfit which was not an intentional decision but because my camera battery promptly died after I took one photo before leaving for work on Friday morning. I didn't have time to take more photos later that day.   Bummer!  Rest assured that I learned my lesson and will remember to charge my camera from now on.

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Friday, June 24, 2011

White and Chambray

11 of 30

Blazer: Delia's (old); Skirt: F21; Shirt: H&M; Shoes: Calvin Klein via Marshalls; 
Necklace: F21; Earrings: Mod Cloth; Bracelets c/o Lucky Mag

I'll keep it short and sweet today, Happy Friday!


Have a fun and relaxing weekend!

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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Keeping it in neutral

10 of 30

Top: Gap; Skirt: F21; Shoes: Calvin Klein via Marshalls; Bag: thrifted Botkier for Target; 
bracelet: gifted; Bracelet: UO; Earrings: H&M

I have gotten out of the habit of painting my nails and decided to do my nails in Essie's Mint Candy Apple  to remedy my nail neglect.  The color of my nails inspired me to do jewelry accents in similar shades to add a bit of color to this neutral look.  Forgive me for forgetting to get a closer shot of my nails and bracelet!

On another note, I have to thank two creative, stylish ladies (and fellow 30 for 30 participants) for mentions this week.

Jill of Spoils of Wear featured me in her blogtrotting feature.

Linda from Little Tin Soldier gave me a mention in her weekly 30 for 30 participants round-up.



For those participating in the 30 for 30, how is it going so far?  Personally, it's been a bit more challenging to choose outfits this time around, but I'm going to power through!

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Style Profile: God's Favorite Shoes

Style Profile: Gods Favorite Shoes - 1
Photos courtesy of Reiko of God's Favorite Shoes

For this edition of Shen Style Profiles, Reiko of the fantastic blog, God's Favorite Shoes was kind enough to answer a few questions about her style I love Reiko's eclectic sense of style and her fab bag collection.  Now let's get down to the questions!

Shen Dove: What inspired you to start your blog and how did you come up with the title? 

Reiko: God's Favorite Shoes really was born out of boredom. I was already browsing blogs for a while and I love to write, so it was the perfect marriage! The title...I wish I could say that it was some clever strategic move but it was created while I was in one of my "in my own zone" moments. I knew the name had to be catchy but I also had an internal conversation with myself one day about what would God's favorite shoes look like if vanity wasn't a sin....is it a sin? Probably not...but still...these are things I think about!

Shen Dove: How would you describe your personal style? Is it influenced by your career/job? 

Reiko: My style has evolved over time. I guess I would call it classic with a touch of funk? I like to dress up basics with something unexpected. My style is definitely NOT influenced by my career. I RUE the day that I look like a teacher...no apples or school bus on my cardigans EVER!!

Shen Dove: You have a great collection of bags and I love your clutches in particular!  What are your favorite stores/boutiques/thrift stores to purchases clutches and handbags in general?

Reiko: I am obsessed with clutches...especially oversized clutches. I usually find my faves in thrift stores (Salvation Army, Goodwill, etc.) but I'm also an equal opportunist when it comes to bags. I borrow my mother in law's vintage bags but I also heart the ones from American Apparel and my DIY buddy, DIY RAVEN.

Shen Dove: How has the city/town you live in influenced your style?

Reiko: I live in Houston where the devil usually sits on the sun wearing a pair of Gucci shades...holding an iced tea. It's year round summer around these parts so sandals, skirts, etc. Other than that, I don't know if Houston has a direct influence of my style. Whenever I go to Philly or NY though...I feel like I'm among my "style family and friends."

Style Profile: God's Favorite Shoes 2

Shen Dove: What items are you excited about wearing this summer? 

Reiko: STRIPES! And I think I might be going on a cruise this summer...so I'm excited to find a retro swimsuit to complement all of this jelly:)

Shen Dove: Looking your best doesn't necessarily mean spending your entire paycheck; do you have any tips for shopping on a budget? 

Reiko: My biggest tip would be to reinvent how you wear something that's already in your closet. Something as simple as wearing your maxi skirt as a dress...throw on some big hoops, a men's belt, light cardi and wedges and you have a whole new outfit! Also, look at your blouses differently. Do you have any silk blouses that button down the front? Why not wear the buttons in the back instead of the front! BAM! I'm all about the details and shopping in your own closet!

Shen Dove: Please name a film, tv or book character that embodies your current personal style. Can you explain your choice? 

Reiko: Dangit, the last books I read were The Hunger Games books, which is about a renegade teenager forced to fight for her life in a jungle/obstacle course. I'm not trying to pull that look off! If on any given day I feel like I am channeling "Joan from Girlfriends meets Carrie, Miranda, or Charlotte from SATC"...then I'm good.

Shen Dove: Your description of the style you try to channel is spot on!  Btw, I loved the Hunger Games trilogy (I have a penchant for young adult literature), but it's not a style I'd try to imitate either!

Style Profile: God's Favorite Shoes 4

Shen Dove: Do you have a piece of advice you'd like to convey to anyone interested in starting a blog that you wish someone had told you? 

Reiko: I wish someone would have told me not to write a million page posts in the beginning. People get ADD after about 2 minutes of reading so keep it simple. Also, find your own voice for your blog. It becomes obvious when you are trying to copy a style or formula in your writing. I try to share my personality through each post:)

Shen Dove: Do you have any personal style rules you live by? If so, what are they? 

Reiko: Try things that you wouldn't normally try. For example, last year the trend was wearing socks with heels. I saw so many bloggers doing it and it looked cute. I tried it. And hated it. Granted I didn't walk out of the house but atleast I can say I tried it. The other one is dress for your size! Jumping Jehosophat! Don't get me started so I'll just leave it at that!

Shen Dove: I love all of your answers, thanks for the interview!

So, check out more great fashion and style at God's Favorite Shoes!


Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Top: Nordstrom (junior's dept); Skirt: Loft (old); Shoes: Nine West; Necklace: H&M; 
Bag: gift; Dove Earrings: Mod Cloth

I feel like this outfit is a bit sedate after my last outfit's burst of colors. But I guess I don't have to dress so brightly that I could direct traffic every day of the week : )  I love the shoulders of this top, the layers of ruffles, add a touch of fun to this simple work outfit.
9 of 30

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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Start of Summer

Cardigan: Nordstrom (junior's dept.); Top: H&M; Skirt: altered and thrifted; 
Sunnies: Target

  I'm a day behind on photos, so is actually yesterday's outfit, but the colors in my outfit are colorful which I think is appropriate for the start of the summer season.


I wish I could take credit for fashioning this former halter dress into a midi length skirt, but I can't.  I took it to my local cleaner's to get it altered, but it was my idea in the first place!  The dress was three sizes too big and I couldn't see myself getting much wear out of a halter dress, so a skirt seemed like a wiser option.  You can only push an office dress code so far after all.  One of these day's I'll follow through on my bucket list goal of learning to sew...

IMG_2644 desat

Here's to a great summer season!

Currently reading: Super Rich by Russell Simmons

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Sunday, June 19, 2011


7 of 30
Dress: Mod Cloth; Shoes: Jessica Simpson via Dillards; Clutch: vendor in Bahamas;
Necklace: Jess LC; Sunnies: Target

If I had known I'd love this dress so much when I purchased it on a whim during a Mod Cloth sale, I would have gotten two.  Being able to create an outfit in one step is one of my favorite things about late spring and summer clothing. This dress is so comfortable, and the black and white print is fun to style with very little or a lot of accessories.
Detail 7 of 30


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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Hat it Up!

6 of 30
 Hat: Amazon.com; Shirt: Charlotte Russe; Skirt: Target; Shoes: Jessica Simpson via Dillards; 
Jewelry: H&M; Glasses: UO

I'm not much of a hat person, but sometimes it's fun to change it up and wear something out of your usual comfort zone.



Happy Saturday!

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Friday, June 17, 2011

Sherbert Inspired

5 of 30
Top: c/o Land's End via Lucky Mag; Skirt: F21; Shoes:  Nine West; Sunnies: Target; Jewelry: Jess LC/H&M/?

The colors of my shoes and shirt remind me of sherbert flavors... 


On another note, thanks for the awesome comments this week from fellow 30 for 30 participants!  25 outfits to go!


I hope you have fun plans with the father's in your life this weekend!

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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Coral and Red

4 of 30
Dress (worn as skirt): UO; Top: c/o Land's End via Lucky Mag; Belt: H&M; Shoes: Target Sunnies: Target

Cheery colors on a cloudy day.  Here's to hoping for breaks in the rainy DC forecast so I can take outdoor photos during the next few days! I never put much thought or concern into a rainy weather forecast until I started  a style blog...



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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Currently wishing for...earrings

currently wishing for - ear bobs

My shopping will be of the imaginary variety for the next few weeks, but that doesn't stop me from wishing (and bookmarking) things I'd enjoy wearing like earrings.  I guess I have silver and gold on the brain right now.

Top Left
Top Right
Middle Left
Middle Right
Bottom Left
Bottom  Right



3 of 30
Top: ?; Skirt: Forever 21; Shoes: Target; Jewelry: Jess LC/H&M

Receiving flowers is fun, but I enjoy wearing my flowers occasionally too.  I feel distinctly springy in this top and I guess that's okay since it's technically still spring in the U.S.  Though I was born in the winter, the in-between seasons of the year (spring and fall) are my favorite. 



Currently listening to:Jill Scott's Light of the Sun (preview on NPR)

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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Lace and Yellow


Cardi: Nordstrom (Junior's dept); Tee: H&M; Skirt: Target; Shoes: Calvin Klein via Marshalls; Necklace: Forever 21

To be completely honest, this outfit was built around both my 30 for 30 limitations and my desire to wear lace for this month's Everybody, Everywhere (EBEW) challenge. I don't wear lace often, because I find it trickier to style than other prints, so I was happy to have this month's EBEW to give me a nudge to wear a lace item.

Lace | Everybody, Everywear

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Monday, June 13, 2011


Top: H&M; Skirt: Target; Shoes: Calvin Klein via Marhalls

Happy Monday friends! I guess this would be a minimalist "Shen Dove look."
 But I do like the simplicity of this outfit black and white outfit. 

1 of 30


I'm a little behind on comments, but will get caught up soon.
Here's to a great week!

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29 + 1

So here are my items for this round Kendi Everyday's 30 for 30.  I have 29 items and plan to add one wildcard item at some point during the challenge. I decided to include some items that served me well when I participated in the 30 for 30 last summer.  A few other items have never made it on to the blog before.  I have not planned outfits ahead, so the second half of the challenge should be interesting...
11 Tops
8 Bottoms
6 Shoes
2 Dresses
1 Jacket/ 1 Sweater
1 Wildcard

Check back later for today's outfit!