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Shen Dove Style: August 2011

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Yellow and More Yellow

Dress: Modcloth; Jacket: Joyce Leslie; Heels: Target; Earrings: H&M; 
Watch: Francesca's Collections; Sunnies: Target

Here is a sunny outfit worn on a sunny day.  Yellow is a color I am continuously drawn to in clothing; it just never gets old for me. 

ourfit 8-31-11
Hope your week is going well, happy Wednesday!


Monday, August 29, 2011

Orange Printed

Outfit 8-29-11
Top: c/o Land's End Canvas via Lucky Mag; Skirt: thrifted; Shoes: Target; Belt: UO; 
Jewelry: H&M/F21/Francesca's Collections; Glasses: UO

I have those that were affected by Hurricane Irene in my prayers. Thankfully, the DC area did not get hit as badly as expected but I know other parts of the East coast did not get off as lightly. Now that the bad weather is behind us and the clean up is underway, let's focus on making this week a positive one!

outfit 8-29-11_3
outfit 8-29-11_2


Friday, August 26, 2011

Unexpected Gifts

Dress: gifted (originally from Target); Belt: H&M; Shoes: Target; 
Clutch: Francesca's; Jewelry: H&M/Francesca's

This dress was given to me by one of my (informal) Godmother's who decided that it wasn't her taste and I happily accepted it! I'm never one to turn down a gift of the clothing variety.


Have a safe weekend for those that live in the path of Hurricane Irene! What a week, first an earthquake now a hurricane?  Smh!


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Earth Shaking

Top: F21; Skirt UO; Shoes: Target; Jewelry: H&M/F21/Francesca's

Experiencing my first earthquake definitely made for a more interesting Tuesday than I expected when I woke up this morning!  Hope the rest of the week proves to be less exciting as far as seismic and weather events go.

outfit 8-23-11

Currently listening to: Watch the Throne by Jay-Z and Kanye West


Monday, August 22, 2011

Currently wishing for...fall transitional pieces


I'm not quite ready for the summer to end, but since I don't seem to have a choice, it's time to focus on fall pieces that I can wear now while it's still warm and later with layers when the chilly fall weather sets in.  These items are purely aspirational, but I will keep these choices in mind when I do any clothing or accessory shopping. 

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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Tiered Colors

Dress: Buffalo Exchange; Shoes: Go Jane; Necklace: Francesca's; Bracelets: H&M

I'll keep it short, today.  Some weekends call for one-step outfits. 
This dress fits that requirement.  Happy Saturday!


Thursday, August 18, 2011

Seersucker and White

Blazer: Zara (kid's section); Dress: The Limited (old); Shoes: Calvin Klein via Marshalls; 
 Sunnies: Target; Necklace: Francesca's; Earrings: purchased in Mexico

This dress which is nine years old was originally worn at my high school graduation.*
I'm so happy that I have a dress that has stood the test of time and that I can see myself wearing for seasons to come.  After looking at a calendar and realizing that the summer is nearly over, I wanted to wear this dress at least once before Labor Day.  I'm not against wearing white after Labor Day, but there's nothing like wearing white (and seersucker) on a summer day.


*If you didn't already have a general idea of how old I am, now you do : )


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Style Profile: Oh to Be a Muse

Style Profile - Cheryl OTBAM
Photos courtesy of Cheryl, Oh to Be a Muse

For this edition of Shen Style Profiles, Cheryl of the great blog, Oh to Be a Muse was kind enough to answer a few questions about her blog and her personal style.  Cheryl is great at mixing affordable pieces together to make stylish outfits.  Cheryl discusses many issues related to fashion and its intersection with popular culture on her blog.  She also happens to write great movie reviews that I personally use to decide what's worth seeing in movie theatres!  So now to the questions!

Shen Dove: What inspired you to start your blog and how did you come up with the title?

Cheryl: I was mainly inspired to start blogging because I've always been a writer and because I was getting married and wanted to showcase my wedding prep journey. Eventually I ventured on a different path and started to focus on all clothing and shoes and accessories on my blog. The name Oh to Be a Muse comes from my mission statement for my style to inspire my readers and for my readers to inspire their own style.

Shen Dove: How would you describe your personal style? Is it influenced by your career/job? 

Cheryl: Wowza! I always find it difficult to answer questions about my personal style, which probably sounds silly coming from a fashion and style blogger. Really, I just dress in what makes me feel comfortable. So some days I'll wear something on the edgy side while other times I'll glam it up. My style is influenced by comfort and by my 'career' as a fashion blogger as I love the creative wardrobes of other bloggers' style.

Shen Dove: How has the city/town you live in influenced your style? 

Cheryl: Well I used to live in south Florida, which has a very beachy style, and now I live in Phoenix, which has a very laid back style. I can't say that either place really left a mark on me style-wise. But I went to London last year and was simply walking down the streets and was bombarded by girls (and guys) with mega style left and right. They didn't look like they were trying to be stylish--they just were.

Shen Dove: What do you enjoy most about blogging about style and fashion? 

Cheryl: Everything. I love coming up with ideas for posts. I love making style boards and shooting outfit posts. I love receiving and giving comments. I love the connections I've made with sponsors. I love how much I've learned about social media and photography. I love the blogging community. There are so many people in the blogosphere whom I'd love to meet IRL.

Oh To Be a Muse 2

Shen Dove: What are some of your interests/hobbies outside of fashion blogging? Do you have any hidden talents? 

Cheryl: When I'm not blogging I'm probably spending time with my hubby and our two dogs--a Pomeranian and a German Shepherd mix. I like to hike, read books, watch tons and tons of movies, thrift shop and drink Thai iced tea. My hidden talent would be that I sing, and I think I'm pretty good at it.

Shen Dove: I know it seems like summer just started, but fall will be here before you know it! How do you plan to transition your favorite summer items into your fall wardrobe? 

Cheryl: You're so right; fall will be here shortly. My plan is to layer. Wear summer dresses with tights, leggings, trenches and snoods and scarves. I've been adding more color to my wardrobe recently and a lot of those colors are perfect for fall so hopefully that will do the trick.

Shen Dove: Do you have any personal style rules you live by? If so what are they?

Cheryl: My only style rule is that everyone wears what they feel truly comfortable in: know what you look good in and wear what you love. Forget about forgettable pieces and have your own individual style because that alone is fashionable.

Oh to Be a Muse 1

Shen Dove: Thanks for answering my questions Cheryl!  So check out Oh To Be a Muse if you don't already have it bookmarked!


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Shop Profile: Carbon

Carbon DC
Rack of vintage clothing/Interior of Carbon

Washington, DC has a thriving fashion community and offers a wide array of boutiques and stores that I want to start highlighting on Shen Dove Style for local and visiting fashion enthusiasts.  Carbon is a boutique located in the Woodley Park section of the city that offers upscale, high-quality, eco-friendly clothing, shoes, accessories and handbags. I became familiar with the store after attending a fashion show earlier this year and a DC FABB event last month.  Store owner, Katherine Limon was kind enough to answer some questions about Carbon recently.  So let's get to the questions!
Shen Dove: When did you open Carbon?

Katherine (Carbon): CARBON opened in Woodley Park five years ago but I took over as the new owner in March 2011. My concept for the store is eco-friendly, sustainable chic living through ethically-made apparel, accessories, and shoes. I carry local designers and have dedicated the wall space to local artists to showcase and sell their work.

Shen Dove: Tell me about your background, what inspired you to open this store?

Katherine (Carbon): I am a journalist by trade and have worked in the realm of communications for small non-profits focused on worker rights and child labor, and the federal government on youth development. In 2006, I started My Signature Look to help men and women look their best in fit and style. It also served the purpose of educating consumers on the source of their garments and introducing ethically-produced apparel and footwear. Now that I have the store, as of March 2011, I can bring what I consider slow fashion products to the consumer on a wider scale.

Shen Dove: What do you like the most about being located in Woodley Park?

Katherine (Carbon): Since the store was already here, the previous owner built a trust and strong relationship with the neighbors so I was fortunate to inherit that audience. Honestly, I wish there were more retailers on the block for people to consider this as a dining and shopping destination.

Shen Dove: What do you think makes style in Washington, DC unique?

Katherine (Carbon): Your style should be an extension of your personality. It should give people clues about who you are and your worldview, wherever you live. When I first moved here 8 years ago, I must admit, I was surprised to observe a style that screamed conformity and lackluster. Given what our nation’s capital represents, it would be nice to see a greater effort made to present the full package meaning your appearance should reflect your voice – polished, smart, and interesting. I love that we live in a rich, diverse community and I encourage everyone to embrace those characteristics in their wardrobe.

Carbon DC 2
Some of Carbon's great hangbag selections

Shen Dove: I think it’s great that you have built relationships with local designers and have events that feature them. What do you look for when you’re on the hunt for new artists and designers to feature in your store?

Katherine (Carbon): I take pride in featuring our local talent and want to showcase their best work. I look for creativity, functionality, excellent construction (whether that is apparel, accessories, or shoes), and the designer’s point of view. I strive to find designers who incorporate a hand-made quality or keep production in the USA or in factories that allow them to do small volume. I try to avoid offering you something you can find in a department store – I want it as unique to DC as possible. For the artists, the subject matter doesn’t necessarily have to be local; rather they evoke that same spirit for creativity and uniqueness.

Shen Dove: What do you think is the biggest misconception about eco-friendly and ethically sourced items?

Katherine (Carbon): It is exciting to see an increased awareness and demand for eco-friendly apparel and footwear; however, the appeal is not across the board. What the general public may not consider are the costs factored into an ethically-made item. Fabrics such as 100% organic cotton, will remain expensive for U.S. designers until U.S. farmers receive incentives for growing pesticide-free cotton. (China is the largest manufacturer of organic cotton.) It is amazing what you can turn into fabric – wood pulp, milk, and soy! There is the labor cost as well. Slow fashion requires skilled artisans paid a livable wage. Yes, there is an investment but you are investing in yourself, your environment, and the artisan community. Plus, on a pure cost per wear analysis, you are going to get more out of a sustainable product. The term “ethically sourced,” to me, indicates in-house or factories that adhere to a code of conduct, employ environmentally-sound practices, and protect workers rights.

Shen Dove: What trends are you excited about featuring in your store this fall?

Katherine (Carbon): From A.D.O. (Angelika Dreams About Organic), expect beautiful suiting separates, again in 100% organic cotton and some in Tencel. Local designer Kim Schalk will offer her signature figure-flattering skirts. We are also excited about a couple of new men’s and women’s shoe lines such as vegan Neuaura, J Shoes, and Oliberte (CARBON will be the first to carry J Shoes and Oliberte in DC – yay!!). Just in time for the holidays, we will be bringing in Emu, a sustainable shoe and clothing line from Australia.

Cardob DC 3
A portion of Carbon's jewelry selection by local designers

Shen Dove: Do you have any fun events you’d like locals or those visiting DC this fall to attend at your store?

Katherine (Carbon): For August, upcoming events include a wine and art night on Friday, Aug. 19 from 6 – 8 p.m. where all the photography is up to 50% off. We are teaming up with International Visions Gallery for a Fashion Meets Art Catwalk on Friday, Aug. 26 from 6 – 9 p.m.

September 9, 2011 a special art reception featuring an installation by two US AID workers to coincide with the arrival of the Oliberte shoe line.

September 23, 2011, an eco-fashion show featuring the new A.D.O. collection and Neuaura shoes.

Shen Dove: Thanks for the interview Katherine!  On your next visit to the Woodley Park neighborhood, stop by and visit Carbon!

Store Name: Carbon
Address: 2643 Connecticut Avenue Northwest
Phone: (202) 232-6645
Neighborhood: Woodley Park
Closest Metro Station: Woodley Park Metro Station


Monday, August 15, 2011

Peach and Red

Dress: Buffalo Exchange; Belt: H&M; Bag: Buffalo Exchange; Shoes: Target: Sunnies: Target
Earrings: ?; Necklace: JessLC; Bracelets: H&M; Watch Francesca's

This dress was a recent find from the Buffalo Exchange.  The day I bought this dress, there were several cute dresses in my size, which was lucky!  The floor must have just been replenished with stock before I arrived.  I saw the exact same dress in my size in a dark green, but opted for this peach color instead.  I also saw this dress in my size and still have a bit of nonbuyer's remorse for not purchasing it. Oh well, it happens.

My dress is ankle length without tucking it into a belt.  I thought about hemming it, but I think I'll leave it as it so I'll have the option of wearing it both ways.  As a short, petite gal, my first instinct is to always hem an item, but sometimes, it's okay to have a bit more length in dresses or skirts.

Photo on right: dress in original length; Photo on left: dress shortened with belt
outfit 8-15-11


Okay, I've talked enough about dresses, here's to a great week!


Summer Hair Products

I don't talk much about hair on my blog (I leave that to the experts!). But like most people, I definitely use hair products and have items that I reach for on a consistent basis. Before the summer ends, I wanted to post the hair products I've been using this season. 

Summer Hair Products

Giovanni Tea Tree Triple Threat Shampoo
Giovanni Deep Moisture Shampoo
Aveda Brilliant Shampoo
Herbal Essences Hello Hydration Conditioner
Shea Moisture Deep Treatment Masque
Oyin Handmade's Juices and Berries Leave-In Conditioner Spray
Jane Carter's Wrap and Roll
Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
Oyin Shine and Define Styling Serum

I have chemical free type 4a hair that is very coily.  I rarely wear my hair out unless it is blow dried or straightened with a flat iron.  I think updos work well for all settings (work and casual), so that's what I've stuck to lately.  I have not applied any heat to my hair this summer.  I have also self trimmed my hair this summer.  

When the temperatures are cooler this fall, I plan to straighten my hair at least once and get a professional style and trim.  When I use up all of my current shampoos, I will consider trying one of Shea Moisture's shampoos or Oyin Handmade's Shampoo bar because I like and use other products from both companies.  I also plan to resume henna treatments (which basically serve the same purpose as protein treatments).  Applying henna to hair also serves as natural hair color, but I have not experienced drastic change to my hair color with henna. I just saw a slight reddish tint in direct sunlight.  I was consistently doing henna treatments every six weeks during the winter, but because the process is time consuming, I haven't done any in the last few months. I have used Aphogee Two Minute Recontructor as my stand-in "protein treatment."

My current regime pretty much consists of:
  1. Detangle hair with conditioner and water or leave-in conditioner spray.
  2. Shampoo hair focusing on scalp.
  3. Spritz with Apple Cider Vinegar to restore PH balance if a clarifying shampoo is used.
  4. Deep condition for a minimum of 30 minutes (with heat typically).
  5. Twist or braid hair using styling aid or coconut oil
  6. Let hair air dry overnight in twists or braids.
  7. Either pin up twists/braids or untwist/braid hair and pin into an updo.
  8. Lightly spray hair with leave-in conditioner daily.
  9. Retwist hair with leave-in conditioner at night if needed.
  10. Untwist and restyle using coconut oil in the morning.
While we're on the topic of hair, I've been perusing the Internet for hair inspiration to add to my pinterest hair style board because I think I'm due for a change.   

What sites do you visit for hair style inspiration (for hair of all types)? Do you switch up hair products from season to season (I DO)?


    Sunday, August 14, 2011

    Pop of Red

    Halter: Loft (old); skirt: Target (kid's section); Shoes: Go Jane; Clutch: Loft;
    Earrings: ?; Bracelets: H&M; Belt: Nordtroms (junior's section)

    This is an evening look worn recently to a friend's birthday party.  This halter (which is a few years old) is a bit loose in the waist,  but tucking it in and adding a belt solved that problem. 


    Happy Sunday!


    Thursday, August 11, 2011

    Basic Black

    outfit 8-11-11
    Dress: Loft (old); Shoes: Zappos; Belt: thrifted; Clutch: Francesca's; Jewelry: H&M/Claire's

    I rediscovered this dress purchased a few years ago during my stint as a part time sales associate at the Loft (back when it was called Ann Taylor Loft).  This dress has survived my last few visits to the Buffalo Exchange to sell clothes (when I happen to be in a city that has one).

    It should be no surprise that I love dresses because they are a one-step outfit.  As much as I adore skirts, finding coordinating tops requires more thought (at least for me) than a simple dress like this one.


    I've fallen a bit behind on my blog reading and comments this week, so I'll definitely be catching up  this weekend!


    Wednesday, August 10, 2011

    Pattern Free

    Top: Gap; Skirt: Beacon's Closet (NYC); bag: Buffalo Exchange; Shoes: Target
    Watch: Francesca's; Earrings and Bracelets: H&M

    I realized rather belatedly that I totally missed Tuesday's Everybody, Everywhere!  I don't know how I let that slip by because I am definitely a fan of pattern mixing which was this month's theme.  My outfit is pattern free today, but I'll make up for it by wearing a mix of patterns soon.  
    Outfit 8-10-11

    Hope your week is going well!


    Monday, August 8, 2011

    Hot Pink


    Top: F21; Skirt: Tracy Feith for Target; Shoes; Nine West; Jewelry: H&M; Sunnies: Target

    Here is my hot pink outfit worn on a hot, muggy Saturday...

    outfit 8-8-11

    Happy Monday!


    Friday, August 5, 2011

    Olive Green

    Dress: UO; Shoes: Target; Clutch: purchased in Bahamas; Belt: from a F21 skirt; 
    Earrings: ?; Watch: Francesca's

    Hello friends!  This week really flew by so fast!  I'm hoping the weekend goes by slower than the week has. I don't really consider green to be "my color" and I gravitate more to red (and occasionally yellow) these days, but it was nice to switch up my usual choices with this olive green dress.


    On another note, I've been thinking about the direction of the blog these days because frankly, as much as I love sharing my outfits with you all, I would like to talk about more than what I'm wearing on a given day and so I'll ask you lovely readers: what would you like to see more on the blog?  Style profiles, local fashion event coverage, interviews of local designers and business owners, book reviews, DIY projects, styling ideas and style questions answered, something not mentioned?  Please let me know in the comments!

    Happy Friday!


    Wednesday, August 3, 2011

    Yellow on a Cloudy Day

    Top: Gap; Skirt: F21; Shoes: Target; Bag: thrifted; Watch: Francesa's; 
    Bracelets: gift/H&M; Earrings: H&M

    I was feeling sunshiny today despite the clouds and sporadic rain. Sometimes it's necessary to bring your own sunshine along with you when nature doesn't provide it.

    outfit detail 8-3-11


    This skirt is officially "safe" for the season.  I have a rule I'm pretty at good sticking to, that if I haven't worn a piece of clothing (except a few sentimental pieces) during the season, that I have to give it away.  It helps me to keep my closet in check and make sure I'm actually wearing the clothing I buy.  Do you have any "wardrobe rules" you try to stick to?

    Currently reading: Creative Inc. by Joy Deangdeelert Cho and Meg Mateo Ilasco


    Monday, August 1, 2011

    August's Arrival

    Blazer: H&M; Skirt: Francesca's; Shoes: thrifted; Bag: thrifted; Tank: Gap; Sunnies: Target; 
    Watch: Francesca's; Necklace: JessLC

    Despite the excessive heat, I really have enjoyed the summer and am in no rush to see it end.  I love the sunshine of summer which lends itself to spending time outdoors (unless it's 100+ degrees like it has been...).  But August is always the reality check that the summer is technically winding down.

    Outfit 8-1-2011_2
    outfit 8-1-11

    So let's all set some fun goals (schedule a day trip, squeeze in a few outdoor movie screenings, go to a late summer festival, visit a nearby beach) and some goals centered around productivity (finish a task you've procrastinated on this summer).  

    Here's to a great Monday and a great month!