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Shen Dove Style: Guest Post: Alex Elizabeth

Friday, November 26, 2010

Guest Post: Alex Elizabeth

Worn on Thursday 25 Nov 2010, Turkey Day

Hello! I'm Alex from Alex Elizabeth. I'm guest posting here on Shen Dove Style for this week's Fashion Beauty Friend Friday post (visit ModlyChic for more info or to join). This week's topic was totally open so we had to pick a theme by ourselves! Luckily Shenneth and I have a lot in common, like our love of books! Bet you didn't know that about me, I don't think I've ever talked about it. So for our topic we came up with the idea of a book-themed post which I thought was pretty much the best idea ever. I decided to go with a fictional character-inspired outfit, can you guess who I'm channelling?

It's Bellatrix Lestrange! You know, before the whole going insane in Azkaban thing. I think my expression in the first photo captures her perfectly. And maybe those orbs are the ghosts of people she hurt who have come back to haunt her (...or maybe they're just snowflake orbs). I considered Brett Ashley but decided she might be too obscure, so I eventually moved on to the extremely recognizable Harry Potter characters. HP7 recently released here and I think many people would recognize Bellatrix Lestrange. Actually I originally thought to be Cho Chang, but I don't really identify with her at all/hardly have anything in Ravenclaw colors. And I really wanted to go as Bellatrix for Halloween in October but I thought -- and still think, really -- that my hair was too short.

As I was choosing the pieces of this look I kept repeating "what would Bellatrix Lestrange wear to Thanksgiving" to myself. Provided Bellatrix Lestrange happened to be visiting the States during the fourth week of November. I believe she would think of it as a quaint little holiday and don some kind of crazy yet elegant getup. I was stunned to wake up to falling snow this morning! I have to say that the weather totally ruined my footwear plans (satin d'orsay pumps- out) so those are my thankfully rubber-soled over the knee boots under all that lace!

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving (if you celebrate) and thanks Shenneth for the awesome opportunity to work with you!!

Betsey Johnson dress, H&M dress (underneath, changed from original), Chinese Laundry long gloves, ken and dana design bracelet, Jeffrey Campbell boots.



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