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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Style Profile: StyleLust Pages

Images courtesty of Cortnie of Style Lust Pages

This month's style profile is from Cortnie of the StyleLust Pages. Cortnie has a great sense of style and designs lovely clutches.  Now let's get the the questions!

Shen Dove: What inspired you to start your blog and how did you come up with the title? 

Cortnie: Well I had originally started a styling and personal shopping business (StyleLust, LLC) in September 2009 and immediately knew that I should blog about the things I was doing. The blog was named StyleLust Pages because when you're online, the screen you're viewing is considered a page. So it was kind of like you were viewing the pages of StyleLust's diary. Only it didn't turn out to be a blog of what the business was doing, but more of the personal style blog it is today. Good question!

Shen Dove: How would you describe your personal style? Have you seen your style evolve since you started your blog? 

Cortnie: I always say my personal style is casual chic. I love my heels, but I love ballet flats just as much. My favorite thing to wear is a slouchy sweater and skinny jeans which happens to look great with heels or flats. My style has definitely evolved since I started blogging just over 2 years ago. I wouldn't have put on a pair of corduroys then, but a lot of the things I was wearing I would wear again today. I'd maybe change a small thing or two about a couple of looks though. Nothing major.


Shen Dove: What inspired you to start your Etsy shop with your fab clutches? 

Cortnie: Do you have a favorite? Omg. So I always wanted to learn how to sew and this summer I found myself with more time on my hands than usual. My grandmother can do pretty much anything so of course I had her teach me. I told her I had an interest in making bags and she was more than happy to show me how to make them. About two weeks after learning how to sew I had my Etsy shop up and running. It's been about three months since I first learned everything. A lot of people think I've been sewing for a while. So not the case. It's kind of hard to pick a favorite clutch. I love the 'Genevieve' because of the taupe and white print, the fabric is AMAZING on the 'Britnie' clutch and I like the 'Patsy' clutch because it has a real vintage vibe to it. I think the new sequin clutch is perfect for the holidays too.

Shen Dove: How has the city/town you live in influenced your style?

Cortnie: It's very laid back where I live. Fashion isn't a big thing. You would easily stand out by wearing 4-5 inch heels anywhere you went. I guess that's why I own a lot of flats.

Shen Dove: Do you have any personal style rules you live by? If so what are they? Rules? 

Cortnie: There are no rules! Just be yourself. The more confident you are in what you're wearing, the better you look!

Shen Dove: Thanks for the interview Cortnie! Check out Cortie's blog, her Etsy shop and follow her on Twitter: @stylelustpages




At November 17, 2011 at 11:41 PM , Anonymous StyleLust said...

Love it! Thanks for the feature!


At November 22, 2011 at 9:56 AM , Anonymous GFS said...

I am peeping her "handbag" game....envious!

Great feature Shen Dove!


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