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Shen Dove Style: Style Profile: A STLYd LIFE

Monday, April 8, 2013

Style Profile: A STLYd LIFE

A STYLd Life 1_4-7-13

It's been a while since I've done a style profile, but I really enjoy interviewing the talented bloggers, artists and entrepreneurs I meet in real life and throughout the blogosphere.  Expect to see more interviews this spring and summer here on Shen Dove Style.  I met DeAnna and Diane of A STYLd Life at a recent fashion event in Philly and thought you all would like to learn more about these stylish entrepreneurs and bloggers.  These talented ladies are a triple threats with their cool T-shirt line, styling business and blog.  Now on to the interview!
Shen Dove: I think it's great that you decided to launch your blog and other endeavors together. Why did you decide to start your blog and , T-shirt line, and styling business together?

A STYLd LIFE: We originally partnered to design a fashion tee line to help support our mentor’s nonprofit organization. After beginning the journey we realized that sharing our lives on a personal platform would inspire and empower women to do the same.


Shen Dove: What is your favorite aspect of doing styling for clients?

A STYLd LIFE: We have a lot of fun creating the aesthetic for campaign shoots, styling music artists and public figures. However, we find the most joy working with everyday people, guiding them to discover and embrace their personal style.

Shen Dove: Where do you draw your style inspiration from ?

A STYLd LIFE: Our style inspiration is drawn from the effortless, sexy and apologetically bold women that we admire from different walks of life. Such as, Rachel Roy, Sheikha Mozah, Michelle Obama, Misty Copeland, Jeanette Jenkins just to name a few.

Shen Dove: What was the initial inspiration behind your t-shirt line?

A STYLd LIFE: The initial inspiration was to use our creativity and passion to support a vision that has the potential to change communities across the country. We also use this outlet to inspire others to recognize and fulfill their purpose in society.


Shen Dove: How has the places you've lived influenced your style and creative endeavors?

A STYLd LIFE: Traveling has had the most impact on our creativity and style. Living in the South Pacific the atmosphere was so laid-back and free, my [Diane] eyes were opened to a whole new way of being-how people dressed, how they enjoyed meals and community.  For me [DeAnna], experiencing the European culture pushed me to embrace my personal style-dressing how I feel. The cultural diversity and importance of family sparked my interest in becoming well-rounded.

Shen Dove: As bloggers and web-based entrepreneurs, you are probably constantly connected to others with gadgets and technology. Do you have any low-technology or no-technology hobbies that you enjoy?

A STYLd LIFE: OF COURSE…Thumbing though the latest issues of my [DeAnna] favorite fashion magazines is the perfect way to disconnect and unwind. NATURE, NATURE, NATURE for me [Diane]. There is nothing like the sun on your face, a cool breeze and the fresh smell of the outdoors to decompress and let everything go. 

Shen Dove: What are your favorite local shopping destinations, sites or restaurants?

A STYLd LIFE: In terms of shopping, we are obsessed with indie boutique, Kembrel and vintage shopping with The Katacomb. Restaurants…how do we pick just one! Being the foodies that we are, we love late-night sushi at Raw, Saturday brunch at Honey’s Sit & Eat, and Zin Burger for wine & kobe beef (Veggie for Diane).


Shen Dove: Do you have any quotes, sayings or rules you try to live by? If so, what are they?

A STYLd LIFE: Our number one mantra is to embrace who you are at your core and walk that out in every aspect of your life. Find your purpose and work the hell out of it! A quote that inspires us is

“THINK ahead, WORK ahead, and then be patient while your life catches up.” –Christian B. Winters

Shen Dove: Thanks for the interview ladies!  Be sure to bookmark A STYLd LIFE to see their latest T-shirt collection and blog. DeAnna and Diane are having a launch event for their Spring/Summer T-shirt collection next month, so if you are a Philly local or visitor, see the event details here.

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